Company Profile

The Preferred Group is a third party employee benefits administrator providing Flexible Spending Plans (FSAs), Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs), Commuter Reimbursement Arrangements (CRAs), Health and Welfare Trust Funds, and Self-Funded Dental Plans.

Since its founding in 1987, The Preferred Group has been known for its quality customer service, exemplary plan administration, and custom designed products that have been the industry standard. NYSUT Member Benefits Trust has endorsed our FSA services since 1991 and more recently our HRA services.

With an experienced and knowledgeable staff, The Preferred Group is able to design plans that are able to help employers save money while maintaining employee benefit levels, provide employees with more funds for medical expenses, and assist brokers with a full service package of products for their clients.

The Preferred Group has embraced new technology with state of the art software, and online capabilities for claims processing and account information, while maintaining personalized customer service. The reputation of the company is built on same day turn around for FSA claims payment, real time human interaction with customer service representatives, timely and accurate reporting, and strict oversight to ensure compliance with all pertinent regulations.

In the current climate of ever increasing health care costs, employers are faced with difficult decisions regarding their ability to provide employee benefits. Diluting or eliminating those benefits severely impacts recruitment and retention of valuable employees. The Preferred Group with its trusted service and valued results will provide compelling solutions for your employee benefit needs.