The Preferred Group is continuing to evaluate and reinvent new ways of continuing to perform proper servicing of our clientele. We have removed all non-essential staff from our upstate and downstate New York offices to conform to the guidelines set forth by Gov. Cuomo in response to this pandemic. While many of our company’s essential functions have been curtailed, it has not prevented us from continuing our core functions.

Over the last few weeks, we have been converting our phone and internal systems to allow for our staff to effectively become teleworkers. We plan on opening our customer help lines as of April 24th on a limited basis. This will be our first attempt at our staff using this new way of servicing from an outside location. This will be challenging while we work through any issues that may develop.

Unfortunately, delays have occurred from our normal processing schedule even though we still believe our response time continues to be very fast. We continue to enter claims and accept and answer emails.  We have also closed our Yonkers, NY office to foot traffic. We encourage any client that wishes to get information to us for processing; either fax, mail or scan the information to us for upload via our Secure File Transfer portal which can be found under Resources.

We certainly appreciate your help and patience in letting us get the service back to being what you expect from our company. If you need more information, we encourage you to go to and log in to evaluate your account information and transactions. We feel that the above approach will help us to continue our reputation for great service and will give us a better approach as we get used to these types of circumstances.

Everyone here at The Preferred Group wishes you the best of heath and wants you to know that we continue to think about you and your families. We encourage everyone to follow the guidelines so that we can all beat this pandemic.

Be Well,

Thomas P. Collins, Jr.



Eligible Product List Changes

On Friday March 27th the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act or the CARES Act was signed into law.

The bill reverses the prescription requirement for Over the Counter Drugs for reimbursement and also includes eligibility for menstrual care products.  The bill has a retroactive start date of 1/1/20. The new list of eligible items should be available for merchant download into their systems by 04/15/2020.  Once completed, participants can use their benefit cards at the check out counter to purchase these items. As always manual claims can be filed if you don’t have a benefit card or if the transaction does not complete.

Change in Status

With the Covid-19 crisis schools as well as employers are closed.  This situation allows for changes to a dependent care election.  If you need to make a change to your day care election you must completed the Change of Status form (found under Resources/Forms) and turn it into your employer within 30 days of the event, in this case that date would be the date of the school/employer closures. 

The Preferred Group uses two benefit portals to serve the needs of our clients. Please make sure that you are signing in to the portal where your group is located. If you have any questions or are unable to sign in appropriately, please call us at (866) 989-8995. Please select the system below.

The Preferred Group Offers:

The Preferred Group is committed to providing our employers with benefit plans that help to control costs while ensuring that our participants receive their benefit dollars quicker than any other Third-Party Administrator. We feel it is important to make sure that our Employers and Participants have access to choose to use all of the best technology, such as debit cards, online portals, iPhone and Android apps, and direct deposit, or to be paid by check and submit claims by fax or US Mail. When you call us, we are available by phone without waiting for an operator. When you are a Preferred Group client, we believe that you are the reason that we exist and that you need to be treated to the best service in the business.

Join the Preferred Group family, we look forward to serve you!